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I absolutely love everything about this place and everyone here makes us feel very safe and is so sweet. I love the environment that has been created here. Thank you guys for allowing us to be your tenants!

We love the renovations to our apartment and how kind everyone is around here. Any problems we have ever had have been taken care of in a timely manner. Our safety feels like a priority around here and as young women, we are more than appreciative of the measure you all have taken to make sure we feel safe as tenants here. David, Jim, Will and Tom, you have made us feel like your kids and we are so incredibly grateful for the awesome staff we have to support us on our journey to achieve success.

Some of the best properties in the area (some newly renovated) & an amazing property management team! Convenient, friendly & responsive 🙂

Having them as my landlord for the past three years has been a great experience.  They really showed they cared for me as a tenant by attending to any problems or concerns in a quick and timely manner.  They made sure my roommate and I were living in a clean and safe environment at all times.  I think the best part about being one of their tenants was that they were also genuine and overall great people, which is hard…

My time with 304 Properties has been great! They are always very nice and respond so fast! Best landlords in Morgantown for sure! Our apartment is nice and updated, also. We love it here!

I really enjoyed living at the Beechfront properties. Management is very kind and helpful. Maintenance is always on top of things. 304 Properties cares about their tenants. I would definitely rent with them again!

My apartment is great and I love the location. Wil and Jim are extremely responsive to their tenants and are awesome to rent from. I would definitely recommend 304 Properties.

They are such great landlords.  Whenever we have any issues, they are always quick to give us an answer or send someone over who can fix it.  They are always reasonable with their requests and have been nothing but helpful to us!

I had a great experience with you guys!  Whenever anything needed to be done you were quick to get it done.  Great landlords who look out for their tenants.  Would definitely recommend them to anyone in town!

Today, when trust and reliability are at a premium, this landlord encompasses those traits and goes above the call of duty.  For the three years, I have leased from this landlord, management has always maintained a high level of professionalism, understanding, and contract adherence.  It has been a pleasure to lease from them and I will continue to do so and recommend their properties.

The landlord is respectful and very professional.  He cares about his tenants and handles any issues promptly, which are qualities many Morgantown landlords lack.

I have had the pleasure of having Dave Lorenze as my landlord for two years.  The experience myself and my roommates have had working with DL and his associates was always a positive one.  Dave was always available to listen to and quickly resolve any issues we had at our house.  He showed not only a willingness to work with us to improve our home but he made it a priority and really cared about our satisfaction and happiness.

Throughout my year as a tenant, David was an exceptional landlord.  He always responded quickly and was genuinely understanding.  I would highly recommend his properties to any of my fellow Mountaineers.